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    30 minute sketches!!!

    color pastels

    per person is $60.00


    1 person=          $60.00          10 x 12 in.

    2 people=          $120.00         18 x 24 in.

    3 people=          $180.00         24 x 36 in.

    additional modifications:

    background, modification with hair, clothing, etc. , additional fees.

    example: Say if all the children are grown and have left home, but you want a family portrait, you have their latest photos, the artist can put them together as a family portrait.

    example: say you like the dress that Pink work for an awards show, and you want that dress in your portrait, send the artist the photo of the dress and your photo and you she can paint you in that dress.

    example:  say you like your family portrait and you want your house, or  scenic background of horses, stable, barn house, the artist can create that.

    With these examples in mind,  this is how the portraits can increase in price.



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