OFF THE WALL at RAM (Riverside Art Museum)

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Off the Wall at RAM (Riverside Art Museum) in Riverside California is a must see event! This event continues through October 20, 2016. This gallery experience affords its buyers the opportunity to literally pull the painting of their choice off the wall at the event! Buyers , collectors, and the general public were impressed with the diverse styles and genres of artistic expression from the local artist that participated.

This prestigious Museum of over 80 years of exhibiting, entertaining, and hosting lavish events for their local artist and artist abroad, are truly in a class of its own!!! If you are a local artist and you are seeking to show case your artwork at a reputable, processional, experienced gallery, this is the place to be. Warm receptions, informative, promptly responsive to the artist needs and accommodations they have it ALL! RAM is about the art and the artist, and I encourage all established, new and upcoming artist to come and see what they have to offer, and I myself am honored to be a new member.

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